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Premarital Agreement Lawyers in San Antonio

Premarital agreements are designed specifically for people that are contemplating marriage. There are lots of reasons to enter into a premarital agreement and a Family Law Attorney can help explain why. The most common reason is to protect all of the assets of each party going into the marriage. A premarital agreement defines who owns the property, how much property they have, and what management rights exist among the parties. If you are interested in learning more, contact the San Antonio premarital agreement lawyers at Zinda Law Group for help. Our attorneys can have any questions you may have and help you draft a prenup for your marriage.

It’s also used to eliminate, limit, or set future spousal support payments. Since there’s no formal alimony in Texas, it would referred to as spousal support. It can also be used to insure that income from each party is kept separate. As Texas is a community property state, any income that you earned during the marriage is normally considered to be community property. A premarital agreement insures that that income is kept separate for each spouse that earns it.

There are different tax liability deviations that can happen as well. In a premarital agreement you can specifically identify who has what tax liability during the marriage. Finally, you can talk about things like the rights and duties of the parties during the marriage. Who’s going to take care of the children? Who’s going to be the primary income earner? Who’s going to be responsible for managing the finances?

It’s important to remember that a premarital agreement is effective on the date of marriage and ends when provided by the specific terms of the agreement. If you need help writing a premarital agreement, contact the premarital agreement attorneys at Zinda Law Group of San Antonio. Our lawyers can help ensure the assets of both parties are protected and a fair agreement is made. Call 210-390-0742 today to get started with an initial consultation.