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Father’s Rights Lawyers in San Antonio

Protecting Father’s Rights

Historically, fathers were not given the same consideration that mothers received when it came to the issue of child custody. Thankfully, that is changing and fathers are now more actively involved in the lives of their children. If you are a father that has been separated from your children, whether due to divorce or other circumstances, and wanting to improve your chances of a better custody agreement, there are a few steps you can take.

  • Document your involvement with your children
  • Exercise your right to regular visitation
  • Involve yourself in their extra-curricular activities
  • Take care of your children on a daily basis
  • Show that you are stable and capable of caring for your children for long periods of time
  • Hire an attorney to protect your custody rights

Taking notes & keeping a detailed journal regarding your involvement with your children can be very important to proving your case to the court. Memories can fail, but a detailed journal documenting your involvement can spark your memory when you need it most. A journal will help you to illustrate your role in the lives of your children. Most importantly, a journal can help you demonstrate why you are deserving of an increased custody or visitation order.

Determining the Best Interest of the Child

Under the Texas Family Code, which is the law that governs child custody and support issues in the state of Texas, the courts are responsible for determining what is in the best interest of the child. Who will get possession or have access to the children are decisions the court must make, and to make them they will take many factors into consideration, including the following:

  • The physical and emotional needs of the child
  • The emotional and financial stability offered in each home
  • The geographic proximity of the children to the parents
  • The parents plans for their children’s present and future
  • The level of cooperation between the parents
  • The level of parenting skills for each parent
  • The children’s primary caregiver prior to the divorce
  • The preferences of the children if they are 12 or older
  • Any history of abuse, physical neglect or family violence

Visitation and Standard Possession Order

When the court is satisfied that all of the factors listed above have been addressed, a Visitation and Standard Possession Order (SPO) will be issued. In the SPO, each parent’s rights and duties will be defined along with any restrictions on their custody that the court deems is in the best interest of the children. The SPO will also detail the financial obligation of each parent including child support, college tuition and medical insurance.

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